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Hayes Construction is Soliciting Bids For Following Projects

West Side Bazaar


West Side Bazaar Demo Struc Arch Drawings

West Side Bazaar Mech Drawings

West Side Bazaar Plumbing Drawings

West Side Bazaar Fire Protection Drawings

West Side Bazaar Electrical Drawings

West Side Bazaar Fire Safety Drawings

Edgewater Art House


Plans – Edgewater Art House Resource Center-2021 Plans


Spec – Edgewater Art House Resource Center-2021 Specs


Bid Addenda 1 – Edgewater Art House

Bid Addenda 2 – Edgewater Art House

Bid Addenda 3 – Edgewater Art House

Mabry House


Mabry House Drawings

“Air Buffalo” – 1265 Sweet Home Rd.


Air Buffalo Drawings updated

PH101 – Phasing Plan (11-08-2021)

20211021 1265 Sweet Home Waterline Ext3


Volume 1 Complete Project Manual 06.25.2021 (1)

Volume 2 Complete Project Manual 06.25.2021 (2)


Addendum No. 1

Addendum No. 2

Addendum No. 3

Addendum No. 4


1265 Sweet Home SWPPP 20210929 reduced

Subcontractor Bid Clarification Packages

Acoustical Bid Package

Aluminum Entry Doors & Windows Bid Package

Ceramic Tile Bid Package

Concrete Bid Package

EIFS Bid Package

Electrical Bid Package

Elevator Bid Package

Entrance Mats Bid Package

Final Cleaning Bid Package

Finish Carpentry Bid Package

Fire Proofing Bid Package

Fire Protection Bid Package

Floor Covering Bid Package

Granite Bid Package

HM-Wood Door’s, Frames & Hardware Bid Package

HVAC Bid Package

Insulation Bid Package

Landscaping Plantings Bid Package

Masonry Bid Package

Millwork Bid Package

Painting Bid Package

Plumbing Bid Package

Roofing Bid Package

Selective Demo Bid Package

Site Development Bid Package

Structural Steel Bid Package

Stucco-EIFS Bid Package

Toilet accessories Bid Package

Toilet Partitions Bid Package

Waterproofing Bid Package

Window Bid Package