Interested in Becoming a Subcontractor of Hayes?

Email and ask to be added to our bidders list.  Please list scopes of work.

Hayes Construction is Soliciting Bids For Following Projects:

West Side Bazaar

Front End Documents

West Side Bazaar – Table of Contents

West Side Bazaar – A – Bid Invitation – Abatement & Demo

West Side Bazaar – B – Bid Form – Abatement & Selective Interior Demolition

West Side Bazaar – C – Information to Bidders

West Side Bazaar – D – Subcontractor Scope of Work Details

West Side Bazaar – E – Drawing & Spec Log

West Side Bazaar – F – Contractor RFI Form

West Side Bazaar – G – Sample Ins Certificate

West Side Bazaar – H – Demo & Abatement Schedule

West Side Bazaar – I – Logistics Plan


West Side Bazaar-Plans – Bid Package 1 Demolition & Abatement Set 10-22-2020


West Side Bazaar- 024100-Spec Section – Demolition

West Side Bazaar-020800 Spec Section – Asbestos Abatement


West Side Bazaar- Attachment A Asbestos Report

808 Main Street


808 Main -Demo & Arch- Permit Set 2.4.2020

808 Main -MEP- Permit Set 2.4.2020

808 main street inspec report – final

The Vegan Center – 60 Broad Street


Vegan Center – Bid Drawings

Scopes of Work

Vegan Center – Scopes of Work

Kitchen Equipment & Plans

Vegan Center – Kitchen Equipment Plan

Exhaust Hood & Dishwasher Hood

Vegan Center – Kitchen Equipment Cut Sheets

Asbestos Report

Vegan Center – Asbestos Report

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Bid Invitation

Bid Invitation Westminster Church


Westminster Church – Bid Drawings

Westminster Church – Abatement Drawings


Westminster Church – Project Manual

Architects Addenda 2019

Westminster – Addendum 1

Westminster – Addendum 2

Westminster – Addendum 3

Bid Invitation Addenda 2020

Westminster – Bid Invitation Addenda – Addendum 1

Westminster – Bid Invitation Addenda – Addendum 2

The West End

Front End

West End – Bid Form

West End – Notice to Bidders – Revised – MBE-WBE Goals & Bid Date

West End – Scope of Work Document

West End – Drawing Log

West End – Specification Log

West End Lakefront Boulevard Remedial Work Plan (No Appendicies)


West End Full Set of Drawings Part 1

West End Full Set of Drawings Part 2


West End Permit Specs Full Set

West End – Spec 06 1500-HARDWOOD DECKING

Geotechnical Engineering Report

West End – Geotechnical Report- – Barron & Assoc