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Hayes Construction is Soliciting Bids For Following Projects:

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Bid Invitation

Bid Invitation Westminster Church


Westminster Church – Bid Drawings

Westminster Church – Abatement Drawings


Westminster Church – Project Manual


Westminster – Addendum 1

Westminster – Addendum 2

Westminster – Addendum 3

Di Tondo’s Restaurant

Bid Documents

Di Tondo’s – Bid Invitation

Di Tondo’s – Contractor Schedule


Di Tondo’s – Permit Set Dwg’s

Di Tondo’s – A102 Updated 2-14-20

Evans Bank – New Administrative Office

Bid Documents

Evans Bank – Bid Invitation

Evans Bank – Construction Logistics

Evans Bank – Construction Schedule 200122

Evans Bank – Basis of Design Plumbing Fixtures


Evans Bank COMBINED DWGS – 20200128


Evans Bank COMBINED SPECS – 20200128


Evans Bank- Addendum #1

Evans Bank- Addendum #2

Evans Bank- Addendum #3

Evans Bank- Addendum #4

R.F. Willson Building- Upgrades


Willson Building Spec – Part 1 – General Conditions

Willson Building Spec – Part 2 – Detailed Specifications


RF Willson – For Construction – General, Civil, Structural Drawings

RF Willson – For Construction – Architectural Drawings

RF Willson – For Construction – Mechanical Drawings

RF Willson- For Construction – Electrical Drawings

RF Willson – For Construction – Plumbing Drawings


Willson Building Addendum No.1

Inquiries & Responses

Willson Building Addendum No.2

Willson Building Addendum No.3

Willson Building Addendum No.4

15 Allen Street


15 Allen General Full Set

15 Allen Civil Full Set

15 Allen Architectural – 1 of 2

15 Allen Architectural – 2 of 2

15 Allen Structural Full Set

15 Allen Landscaping Full Set

15 Allen Mechanical Full Set

15 Allen Electrical Full Set

15 Allen Plumbing Full Set


15 Allen Specs Full Set

15 Allen – FIxture Cut Sheets

15 Allen – Interior Door Matrix

The West End

Front End

West End – Bid Form

West End – Notice to Bidders – Revised – MBE-WBE Goals & Bid Date

West End – Scope of Work Document

West End – Drawing Log

West End – Specification Log

West End Lakefront Boulevard Remedial Work Plan (No Appendicies)


West End Full Set of Drawings Part 1

West End Full Set of Drawings Part 2


West End Permit Specs Full Set

West End – Spec 06 1500-HARDWOOD DECKING

Geotechnical Engineering Report

West End – Geotechnical Report- – Barron & Assoc